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Get a Kick Out of This https://ebhsbearhub.org/5394/uncategorized/get-a-kick-out-of-this/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5394/uncategorized/get-a-kick-out-of-this/#respond Fri, 17 Dec 2021 18:54:37 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5394 Fast-paced and action filled, soccer can be hard to keep up with, but these girls are proficient at it. The East Brunswick Girls Soccer team won 10-0 in the GMC red division, and are the GMC champs. Especially proud of his team, Coach Kevin Brady said “In 15 games against GMC teams, we won all 15, and allowed just one goal. This was a remarkable season.”

Team pride is imperative in these sports, and Coach Brady said “I was most proud of how this group of players – despite the graduation of MANY college-level athletes – were able to work together to forge their own championship campaign.” The ability of these girls is outstanding, and they deserve to be proud of themselves. “Our goals will remain to compete for Division, Conference and State Championships” Coach Brady says when asked about the teams goals for next year. High achievers and good at what they do, everyone should be proud of the Girls Soccer Team.

The girls huddle together during the game, planning out their offensive and defensive plans.
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Interview with Ms. Hagan: English Teacher Extraordinare https://ebhsbearhub.org/5373/uncategorized/interview-with-ms-hagan-english-teacher-extraordinare/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5373/uncategorized/interview-with-ms-hagan-english-teacher-extraordinare/#respond Fri, 17 Dec 2021 18:53:54 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5373 Ms. Hagan teaches AP Literature, English 10, Flex and Public Speaking.

Q: How long have you been teaching?
A: 15 years

Q: What attracted you to teach in the English Department?
A: When I first went to school I was tied between art and English. I loved writing and getting to be creative but hated reading. I wanted to pair that love with real relationships and did not want to be in a cubicle. Empathy and a desire for connection drew me to teaching while creativity, stemming from my appreciation for art, drew me to English.

Q: How have you been affected by block scheduling?
A: I think September was overwhelming at first. I felt like I couldn’t get a handle on things like how to make my lesson plans work in a longer period of time. I think that I got used to pacing myself better in November. The 82 minute periods can be tiring but I’ve grown to appreciate only four classes in one day instead of eight; it is easier to focus on one thing rather than many.

Q: What makes East Brunswick so special to you? What keeps you coming back?
A: It’s definitely family and community that I love most about East Brunswick. I also love that we are so close to the beach, city, and a great variety of different settings. East Brunswick is just full of interesting people, including the English teachers who are highly entertaining to work with.

Q: What do you appreciate most about being back in person?
A: Everything. Virtual school was brutal. I became a teacher because I love face to face interaction. I almost cried on the first day because I was so excited to be back. It was so draining to talk to a black universe so getting to be back in person is amazing.

Q: Why is English so important to learn?
A: It comes down to understanding human behavior through our characters and learning from their experiences. The books we read teach us how to handle the real obstacles that we all face. Literature continuously brings up all these real life moments that we can talk about which is why discussions in English classrooms are so different than any other subject.

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Stop Watching and Start Talking https://ebhsbearhub.org/5506/uncategorized/stop-watching-and-start-talking/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5506/uncategorized/stop-watching-and-start-talking/#respond Thu, 16 Dec 2021 01:51:45 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5506 This year, the new homeroom periods provide underclassmen- whose opinions can sometimes be overlooked in favor of seniors- with the opportunity to have their voices heard about various happenings around the school.

Alina Chen, a sophomore, loves that the students are getting more opportunities to be involved in school-wide decisions: “Having Homeroom representatives, Class Council, Student Council, and Principal’s Council meetings give me more of a voice here in the school.”

Taking account of student opinions is also very important to the administration at the high school. Any feedback or recommendation given to staff is carefully taken note of. Dr. Vinella talked to the Hub about the increase of students’ voices. He said, “I expect that for this school year, students would have more of a voice and opportunity to talk about concerns and recommendations that they have.”

During Homeroom periods and Principal’s Council meetings, underclassmen receive information about school-wide activities and are able to connect with their peers in a new way.

Sophomore Alina Chen is excited that she was elected as class council president. She hopes that with her position, she can help more student body speeches be heard in school.

As EBHS provides various chances for underclassmen to be an active part of the school community, the school transforms into a more inclusive and fun environment for the entire student body.

I’m really glad I’m able to improve the school community. I encourage everyone to try and do the same within their own Homeroom periods and contribute to the school community. ”

— Alina Chen (10)

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Battle of the Door Decorators https://ebhsbearhub.org/5443/uncategorized/battle-of-the-door-decorators/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5443/uncategorized/battle-of-the-door-decorators/#respond Wed, 15 Dec 2021 16:21:06 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5443
JD and seniors Debby Chuya and Zewong Choi prepare their door as a gingerbread house design. Each student is making a representation of themselves as a gingerbread, for example Weilin (12) has chosen to make herself as a whale gingerbread (as shown in Zewongs hands). They plan on going all out to have the best looking door in the hallway. (Brianna Boen)

This year each homeroom puts their creativity together to decorate their doors in an attempt to win cookies from Student Council and a free breakfast provided by Dr. Vinella. In this competition, students as well as their homeroom teacher brainstorm winter holiday ideas and contribute in decorating their doors.

Teachers are more than excited to get involved with their students in the planning and decorating aspects.

“I think it’s a great idea” Mrs. Yoselevich said when asked how she feels about door decorating. “I didn’t even have to ask my students to do it; they immediately started coming up with ideas for our door and wanted to get involved.”

She feels this is an opportunity for her homeroom to grow even closer… if that’s even possible.

“Our homeroom is very close; we all talk to each other everyday and I got very lucky with everyone in it this year because they’re all very active and that’s great.”

Keep a heads up for Dr. Vinella on the announcements to see who will be the lucky three winners of the many dazzling doors among the halls of EBHS.

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Bubbling With Excitement for Boba House https://ebhsbearhub.org/5441/showcase/bubbling-with-excitement-for-boba-house/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5441/showcase/bubbling-with-excitement-for-boba-house/#respond Wed, 15 Dec 2021 16:18:48 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5441 No time is not a good time for boba: the fun, widely popular Taiwanese tea drink flavored with milk and fruit, accompanied by chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom.

Lucky for you, Asian Club is bringing the tasty drink and boba spirit right to our school at their Bubble Tea House Event on December 10th. If boba isn’t your thing though, no worries as there’s also pizza available, as well as student performers showing off a variety of skills like singing and instrument playing for all to watch. For those with a competitive nature, there’s even a ramen eating contest to participate in!

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this fun night, especially after all the prep the executive board has been doing to make it as exciting as it could be.

President Shelby Han 12 says “This year we decided to add a random Kpop dance play at the end of our Bubble Tea House so that Kpop lovers can have fun and dance! It was a very long and exciting process planning for this event.” The Asian Club team is really popping off and putting in their all to make the large club entertaining and unique.

Looking forward to Bubble Tea House, Andrew Kim 12, Jeremy Leventhal 10, Weilin Chu 12, Jared Feiner 11, Joshua Jeong 11, Roger Xiao 11, Eddie Cho 11, Ryan Lee 12, Kevin Berkis 11, Sabrina Huang 12 would all agree that although tasty alone, boba is just so much better with friends.
(Sylvia Chan)
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‘Tis the College Application Season https://ebhsbearhub.org/5434/uncategorized/tis-the-college-application-season/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5434/uncategorized/tis-the-college-application-season/#respond Wed, 15 Dec 2021 16:16:28 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5434 The clock is ticking for seniors as college application deadlines inch closer and it’s important to stay organized so there isn’t any last minute cramming. Even more important, however, is taking time to yourself. Self care is critical to one’s overall well being, and doing something enjoyable can help ease stress levels at this time of the year.

From left to right, Alexia Newell (12), Brandon Eigen (12), and Estelle Lee (12), take a relaxing stroll on the beach. Estelle Lee comments, “Getting away from the stress of applications for a bit and enjoying some scenery with my friends provides some much needed relaxation during senior year.” (Asmee Shitoley)

Ms. Rice suggests, “Whether it’s something as simple as taking a 15 minute break when crammed with a lot of work, setting aside time to hang with family or friends, or engaging in a physical activity, these things need to be a priority.”

As for the current juniors who will be applying next year, Ms. Rice has some wise words: “It’s important to build relationships with your teachers because towards the end of junior year, you need to ask them for letters of recommendations. I’d approach them in person because face-to-face communication is more personable and if the teacher has any questions they can be discussed.”

From self-care practices to supporting staff, EBHS goes above and beyond to provide the seniors with the encouragement and inspiration they need to put their best foot forward and submit their best applications.

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EBHS Top Winter Fashion https://ebhsbearhub.org/5437/studentlife/ebhs-top-winter-fashion/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5437/studentlife/ebhs-top-winter-fashion/#respond Wed, 15 Dec 2021 16:12:39 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5437 As the cold weather comes billowing in, it is time to get out your winter clothes again. Although many are saddened to be putting away their shorts and tank tops, the cold weather brings in awesome new fashion.


Sweater Weather:

Sophomores Zayba Khan and Layla Sheikh pose together and show off their favorite winter sweaters. (Rebecca Post)

The start of December is a favorite time for many because it announces the start of the beloved sweater weather. Sweaters are a warm and cozy choice of clothing for when the air outside is frigid, but it is also a cute and fashionable choice of clothing as well. If you look around school during the winter time, you’ll be sure to see tons of unique sweaters.


Puffer Jackets: Yes or No?:

Zoya Khan, 12, wears a trendy and practical puffer jacket to school on a cold winter day. It keeps her warm on the inside while still looking stylish on the outside. (Rebecca Post)

A new popular yet controversial trend this winter are puffer jackets. While some find them to be trendy and practical, others find them to be ugly and impractical. Senior Zoya Khan expresses her opinion on puffer jackets. “I love my puffer jacket, I wear it everywhere I go!” However, sophomore Gabby Martins argues that puffer jackets are “too bulky and annoying to carry around.”



Layla Sheikh, 10, gives a thumbs up to express how she feels about her layered outfit. (Rebecca Post)

Another cute trend that many love is layering. This year, the most popular layering style is layering a t-shirt over a turtleneck. Sophomore Layla Sheikh loves layering “because it allows [her] to wear what [she] want[s] while still being warm.”


UGG Boots:

Elisabeth Post, 10, poses and shows off her gray UGG boots. She says the boots “keep [her] feet warm, but they’re also a great shoe that matches with almost everything.”
(Rebecca Post )


A great way to keep feet warm during the cold months is by wearing boots. Snow boots can be great to keep your feet protected from the cold, however, they are pretty difficult to wear out everyday. Thankfully, boots like UGG boots keep your feet warm and toasty while still being cute and stylish.

While some find winter to be their least favorite season, these cute and comfy clothes make getting through the cold a lot easier.

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Hanukkah O’ Hanukkah https://ebhsbearhub.org/5498/uncategorized/hanukkah-o-hanukkah/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5498/uncategorized/hanukkah-o-hanukkah/#respond Wed, 15 Dec 2021 16:01:09 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5498 The candles on the menorah radiated warmth and illuminated room B-12, as the Rabbi revisited a familiar story; a story of the Jewish faith and perseverance.

Abby Goldstein, 11, Charlotte Friedman, 10, and Samara Stein, 10, celebrate the festival of lights by lighting the Menorah. (Celia Schmeidler)

As we enter the holiday season, the Jewish Student Union knows just how to get the celebration started.

During the Hanukkah-inspired meeting, students in the club had the chance to exchange gifts during “Mystery Maccabee,” a fun activity to kick off the get-together. The Menorah was lit as students talked about their traditions and munched on delicious cream-filled donuts, another popular custom of the holiday.

Hanukkah traditions include lighting the Menorah, cooking latkes in oil, and eating delicious donuts – jelly-filled tend to be a fan favorite. (Celia Schmeidler )

Between festivities, students discussed the importance of asking questions in life, of sticking out from the crowd in a world that finds comfort in “fitting in.” A comfort that has often left Jews feeling isolated. Jewish youth face hate daily, and JSU provides a safe space where students can learn how to combat conformity and rise against hate with grace.

To senior Laila Friedman, President of the club, Hanukkah means “spending time with family and friends, reflecting on what I am grateful for, immersing myself in some of my favorite Jewish traditions, (like lighting the menorah candles), and appreciating my ancestry.”

The Festival of Lights is one of hope and, above all, miracles. This year we can celebrate the hope of staying healthy, and the miracle of getting to learn in person again.

Here’s to a happy, happy Hanukkah.

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Congratulations, You’ve Submitted! https://ebhsbearhub.org/5482/uncategorized/congratulations-youve-submitted/ https://ebhsbearhub.org/5482/uncategorized/congratulations-youve-submitted/#respond Wed, 15 Dec 2021 15:59:06 +0000 https://ebhsbearhub.org/?p=5482
Gabe Ospina, 12, cannot contain his excitement after submitting his twelfth college application. (Raul Martinez)

It’s that time of the year again, where students are trying to finish their college applications before the January 1st deadline. While some students are on the clock, others are able to sit back and relax.

Senior Gabe Ospina, submitted early action for most of his applications, allowing him to sit back and wait for admissions office decisions while his applications are under review. While he doesn’t have to stress about finishing the application, he does get anxious waiting for his results. Gabe said, “I’m happy that I submitted it early, but it’s just the wait. At this point, I’m just exploring my colleges and applying to them for fun.”

On the other hand, a few seniors are still trying to submit their applications. Though, at this point, with the December 1st application passing, students have likely finished their college essays and are now just trying to perfect their application.

Senior Denis Dromasco recently submitted his Rutgers application. When asked about the thought process of submitting the application, Denis told the Hub, “It’s just a lot going through my mind, especially with the essay. I often think that I’m doing something wrong on the application even though I know for a fact I’m doing them right. I just want my application to be near perfect when submitting.”

Other seniors are going through the same struggle as Denis, as they want their application to be the best it can be before submission. Though no matter what position seniors are in, they are all preparing to find success in their next chapter in life.

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